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Monday, July 26, 2010

anime- fullmetal alchemist(brotherhood)

This anime is a improved version of the older version fullmetal alchemists. i find that this anime is more nicer than the older version of fullmetal alchemists. the story is about the same in front but as the story continues it becomes different from the older version of the fullmetal alchemists... two brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric, who wants to get back their body after trying to revive their dead mother through alchemy. Edward lost his left arm and right leg and Alphonse Elric lost his whole body... the elder brother Edward even joined the army to get information to get back their bodies... the thing that they are searching for to get back their bodies is called the Philosopher's Stone.
the army is considered infamous because they create war to expand their territory and also exterminate those who they thinks threaten them... without having enough evidence. at first, Edward thinks lowly of the military states of Amestris(the name of the country which Edward and Alphonse) but in order to get back he and his brother's body he is willing to joined the military and being called by many others as the " dog of the military" the end there is also others called homonculi, they are people who have no souls but only body... they also have infinite lives... they cannot die by killing them one or two times... must kill them a lot of times before they are able to die... the homonculi follows order from a person called "Father".
the story also includes Edward fightings with "Father"...recommand to watch, this anime already end with 64 episodes but it just ends not long ago..recommend to see.

Below are some pictures of fullmetal...

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