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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Anime - Hunter X Hunter


This anime is one of the best that I even watch. It is Hunter x Hunter. It is about Gon Freaks, a young boy who lives on a rural island. One day a mysterious stranger who calls himself a hunter brings him word that his father is still alive, and is also the greatest hunter of all time. After hearing that Gon is firmly resolved to become a hunter to find his long lost father. But to do this, his aunt, Mito, must let him take the hunter exam. He must pass the hunter exam, where he will make new friends to help him in his adventure. Will he found his father??? Watch the anime to find out.

Total there are 62 episode, 8 OVA episode and 22 Greed Island OVA episode.

Picture time:

Do they look alike???



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