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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

anime-katekyo hitman reborn

this picture is the crest of Vongolia Family(in this anime)...

this anime has been around for quite sometime... and it is getting more and more interesting...for people who have not heard or seen this anime before...this is a brief introduction about this anime...this anime is about a youth named tsuna(the main character of this anime), he is not good in his study and plus he have low self esteem so his mother plans to hire a home tutor for him. But both tsuna and his mother is surprised or " shocked" to see that the tutor is a baby called reborn and reborn claims to be the World strongest hitman and he is from the mafia family called the Vongola family. And reborn told tsuna that he is the succeessor of the Vongolia 9th boss and tsuna is to become the 10th boss of Vongolia family...there is also fightings scenes of tsuna as he gets stronger to protect his "hencemen" or his friends...
this anime is quite funny and also very interesting.. this anime have 194 episode now but it is still ongoing. take time to see it...
Below are some pictures of this anime...

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BY: yong sheng


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