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Saturday, July 24, 2010

anime- sengoku basara two

hello, today i am introducing a new anime which come out not long ago. it is the second season of sengoku basara. in the first season ,the story happens in the warring states period in japan, people fought each other for power. however one man have too much power that he becomes a threat to others, he is known as the dark lord, oda nobunaga. well-known generals such as sanada yukimura, date masamune, kensin uesugi and other generals from different regions formed alliance to defeat the dark lord, oda nobunaga. this is just a brief introduction of the first season of sengoku basara.the first season ends with the defeat of oda nobunaga. in the second season, another character emerges, the character is known as toyotomi hideyoshi. he is another potential ruler after oda nobunaga. the heroes like sanada yukimura must set on their journey again...
for anime fans who like sengoku basara first season are welcomed to watch the second season...and also other people who like anime are feel free to watch it... this anime is still ongoing...hoped you enjoy watching it..

below are some pictures of the anime ...

this picture is oda nobunaga(dark lord) from the anime sengoku basara(1st season)...


yong sheng


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