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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

anime- vampire knight

well this anime is basically about vampires, yuki cross is the adopted child of the headmaster of cross academy.. this academy is different from others because they have two different timing of lesson one in the day and one in the night...guess you all should know by now, the night class is for all vampires to attend...this is just a brief introduction on this anime... the story goes on and gets more interesting as a youth called zero appears in yuki's life...other characters include the leader of vampires in the academy which is a pure blood vampire called kaname also affects yuki's life. this anime contains mystery, fightings...
recommand to see it ... this anime consists of 26 episodes( spilt into two parts, each part is 13 episodes ...) name for each part may be different, first part is "vampire knight" and the second part is "vampire knight guilty".

picture time(about vampire knight)...

By: yong sheng


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