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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Back to basics...

Well,I have talked about Gundam 00's movie, but have not really introduced its series.So here it is...

I could go on about how great this anime is for a whole day, but I think I'll just cut to the chase. The plot surrounds three factions warring with each other for control of space elevators(large solar panel constructs that allows generation of a large amount of electricity enough to power entire continents). Due to this, Celestial Being, a faction banded together by a group of people with the same goal, to eradicate warfare by force. Their means of execution is pretty obvious, the Gundams.

It is'nt outwardly shown to the viewer that the Gundams are the good guys, unlike the others in the metaseries. Their actions make them appear to be more like terrorists instead of traditional heroes. Therefore, it is left to the viewer to decide if they have good or bad intentions.

Thats all for today. Adios people!

More pics to come...

Credit to,, for the pics.

From: NSX(In case you have not realised , NSX = Ng Sheng Xiong)

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