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Thursday, July 29, 2010

For a change...

This here is a little something for both anime enthusiasts and gamers. The game,Katekyo hitman reborn battle arena 2, is a psp game based on the popular anime series,katekyo hitman reborn. The game's plot is based on the "10 years later" arc in the anime. Gameplay wise, it is your regular fighting game whereby attack combos are initiated through different button combinations. Players would be able to play as their favourite characers from the anime.

Now the question in your head right now would be "Is the game fun or not?" Well, that would be for you to decide as I do not want my post to be biased.

I will let these pics help you make your decision...

By the way, my favourite character from the anime...

Credit to, and for pics.


From: NSX

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