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Friday, July 23, 2010

An interesting take on a Chinese tale...

Behold... Gensomaiden Saiyuki.Credit to for image
This an anime is based on the famous chinese tale Journey to the West(西遊記), however the anime's title translates to 最遊記, which means extreme journey.
Anyway, people who know of this story would probably be familiar with the anime's plot and setting as it is mostly based on the original tale with a few major differences such as the weapons they wield, and the character's persona. For example, imagine 唐三藏, who is known as Genjyo Sanzo(second row) in the anime, killing demons with a revolver, as opposed to his original peaceful nature. And notice that Cho Hakkai(third row), who is suppose to be 豬八戒, looks nothing like the character whom his name originally belonged to.

Anyway, anime enthusiasts should take a look at this anime as it possesses quality art and puts a twist on a familiar tale that most of us have come to appreciate.


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