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Friday, July 23, 2010


Okay. A introduction to an anime which I'm watching currently. Its already into its 2nd season due to its popularity and still going strong!

The story is about a group of gals, 4 to be exact, form a "Light Music Band" and they actually made the band into a successful one in their school. Gaining those kinda FEEL or you can say, sense of achievement. They play in their year end school concert, which I find that episode pretty good. They play, eat, and relax. Just like any students.

And near towards the end, a new member joined them. And it's Azusa also known as Azunyan. :D My favourite character in there. She's pretty linked to a cat, if you get what I mean. And she's cute!

So if you're planning to watch a relaxing and light anime ( Slice of Life ) and want it to be a good one, try watching K-On!

And here's the ending theme song for K-On season 2. :D Enjoy.

Kelvin aka Shao

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