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Monday, July 26, 2010


The anime I am introducing today...

Kuroshitsuji(Black butler when translated) is originally a manga that started in 2006 However, in 2008, an anime based on its plot was released. The plot centers around the two main characters, Sebestian michaelis and Ciel phantomhive. Ciel Phantomhive is an orphaned twelve-year-old head of an English noble family and a toy and candy empire, who serves directly under the Queen. Sebestian Michaelis is his butler and he carries out any task required by his master while solving the problems plaguing England with ease and perfection, because of his demonic lineage and Faustian contract with his master.

This anime is an absolute for any anime enthusiasts as it possesses excellent art(one could not expect any less from square enix) and acompelling storyline that would leave you wanting more.

Pics to entice you...

Credit to photobucket, and for the pics.

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